New Australian Hardwood Sleepers are a new product and are incredible durable. These sleepers are fantastic for continuity on larger projects with strong supply ability, and are a great option to use for new products and designs.

concrete patio with timber railing and house with sea and coast behind

Ironwood Premium Hardwood Sleepers are big, solid and heavy and are a real statement product. Best used where a high degree of integrity or continuity in form is required in either heavy landscape applications or highly visual features.


vertically placed sleepers for a nook in school grounds

UK Oak sleepers are one of the most popular Oak sleepers. They are a solid and dense timber with minimal visually present preservation treatment that will stand the test of time and make for a great statement piece. 


Steps leading to barked garden with pizza oven and fields with trees behind

European Hardwood 2.6m Sleepers offer a rustic appearance and have a mild preservation treatment. They are also a great alternative to the UK Oak. 


up close of empty planter pot against sleeper and stone retinaing wall with sleepers and feature rocks behind.

The rare European Hardwood Oversized Lengths are the perfect medium where beams are not suitable, but prominence is desired. These pieces can be used in large, linear installations or together for robust practical functions. 


view of small lawn with sleeper retaining wall with planting behind

US Oak Sleepers are popular due to their authentic ex-rail character and high versatility. They are suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications and are also very durable. 

planter box using veritcal railway sleepers with plants and trees with sky behind

The highly versatile NZ Pine sleeper are easy to work with on site, cost-effective and are well suited for a broad range of passive outdoor applications.

sandy road with post & rail fence in front of coastal bush with hills behind.

Australian Rustic Hardwood Sleepers are naturally durable with no preservation treatment making them ideal for children’s playgrounds, edible gardens and near natural waterways. 


sculptural platner box made of sleepers with vineyard behind

European Hardwood Beams are extremely heavy and solid, suitable for fixing into and are naturally compatible with all materials. These beams are great for both fixed and unfixed placements, ideal in any positioning with suitable support, and can also provide stability and strength for a surrounding design.

view of long double beam with steel componenets with fork hoist behind and sky in distance

Wharf and Bridge Rustic Hardwood Beams are historical and timeless pieces that are sure to impress in any setting in a natural or sandblasted finish where the authenticity and beauty of old timber can be brilliantly brought to life. 


stacked reclaimed bridge and wharf beams with gravel in foreground and sky behind

Sandblasted Wharf and Bridge Rustic Hardwood individual beams are highly sought-after and add character and value to dramatically enhance interior designs. The exposed grains can be further finished for smooth surfaces or left bare to showcase weathering and original timber growth, allowing for unique, custom pieces to be created. 

Up close shot of a sand blasted hardwood beam with shipping container and cars behind

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