• Grade: A-Grade & B-Grade (Used). – Per availability
  • Top and sides are generally square but worn and rustic weathering. Splits and worn ends can be present. Bolt holes & stone chips can be present. Varying weathered aesthetic dependent on original location and use. Rich in local history and completely natural.
  • See our gallery for great examples of this classic sleeper being used.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability:  Class 1 & 2 (Historically).    15+ years in ground / 25+ years exposed.
  • Perfect for existing landscapes & designs or new builds that require a good quality rustic feel. Easily cut and modified for long term installations with power tools. Can be cleaned or sand blasted for a high-end finish. Chat to us today about availability an substitutes.

large decorative planter box fill with white sand

  • Grade: AA-Grade (Used).
  • Top and sides are very square with minor surface weathering. Good edges. The four sides are well defined. Minor recesses on one face from railway track plates & bolt holes can be present. Noticeably bigger and solid. Smooth surface texture. Dark weathered colouring. Typically, free from ex-rail steel and debris. Noticeably heavy duty.
  • Check out our gallery for these railway sleepers being utilised through the country.
  • Treatment: Historically applied, minimally absorbed due to extreme density. Not visually apparent.
  • Durability: Surpasses Class 1. Extremely decay & rot resistant.    25++ years in ground / 40++ years exposed.
  • Due to the ultra-dense properties these may require commercial tools to modify easier. Nonabsorbent, will unlikely take to staining or treatments. Compliments a transition of materials / mediums such as firm to soft (I.e. concrete to garden).
  • Fit for interiors and entrance ways. Ideal for long-term and functional installations. Significantly heavy for its volume.

  • Grade: Unused.
  • Top and sides are generally square with minor weathering. The four sides are typically well defined. Extremely durable. Minor Wane (outer log surface) & knots could be present. Minor cracks & splits on ends could be present. Occasional tannin marks & short term leeching possible.
  • Some great uses can be seen in our gallery here.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability: Natural Class 1 & Class 2.    25+ years in ground / 40+ years exposed approximately.
  • Cutting, drilling and using fasteners is possible on these sleepers with preferably commercial tools and equipment. Perfect for serious DIY projects and commercial applications. Stain-able and sand-able (machine sanding) for a richer, sleeker finish. Takes well to regular oiling.
  • Due to these sleepers not having been placed in a railway network they do not have the grit, dirt and stones that can be embedded in used sleepers, making them ideal for projects that require adaptable timber that is simple to cut and easy to work with on designs to specification. Consistency in colours, size, shape & weathering.

deck and balustrade with scenic background

  • Highly manoeuvrable and manageable onsite.
  • Versatile in application, design and outdoor settings
  • Pre-weathered with genuine ex-railway charm.
  • Treatment: Reasonably heavy (historic) Creosote treated. H5 equivalent.
  • Durability: Class 2.    10 – 20+ years in ground / 10 – 25+ years exposed.
  • Dimensions: 2100 x 250mm x 150mm (Variable dimensions may be present).
  • Minimum order: 25 x Sleepers.
  • Weight: 45kg each.
  • Colour: Rustic weathering. Amazing results utilising these sleepers can be seen here.

sandy path with a long low fence with shurbs

  • Grade: AA-Grade.
    5000mm+ [Custom lengths available]
  • High value pieces of quality European hardwood fashioned into prominent rustic beams that offer a clean and enduring, timeless finish.
  • Equally as strong as they are prominent allowing for a wide array of versatility in both big commercial spaces as well as primary interior features.
    Completely unique and custom, perfect for new builds and designs that want to emanate warmth & character indefinitely.
  • Complemented by high quality Corten components the subtle natural charm is contained in earthy weathering, a fantastic option where large scale continuity is sought with aesthetic and form, and equally appreciated in primary features & fittings as these beams are not to be found elsewhere in NZ.
  • Chat about your ideal designs with these timeless beams with Interlink today.

Thee long beams with fork hoist behind and dunnage in front

  • Grade: AA-Grade.
  • 1.9m – 8m lengths. W x H <200mm – 500mm. 
  • Magnificently stunning results from rare one-off salvaged bridge & wharf beams with sandblasted finishes. Unique and robust sizing that emanates strength and solidarity in any setting or positioning.
  • Textured and exposed grains with deep and rich colouring from historical Australian hardwoods blend marvellously into natural or man-made finished materials.
  • Recommended for interior use for an everlasting high end naturally rustic finish. Untreated and completely compatible with all materials and uses. Ideally ordered to the most applicable size per requirements to preserve as much of these historically rare pieces possible.
  • Commonly built and designed around. Mostly free from industrial contaminants from their previously life time make these plausible to cut.
  • Not ‘off the shelf’ supply. Architects and designers are best to contact Interlink Ltd first to see what beams & dimensions are available to work with.

  • Grade: A-Grade (Used).
  • Top and sides are square. Even weathered texture, including indents from stones. Well defined sides. Highly durable. Beautiful soft & rich shades. Will blend in with any surroundings. Minor cracks & splits may be present. May contain authentic ex-rail steel & bolt holes.
  • A great size and timber species to implement in any outdoor setting. Oak is a timeless hardwood that is rich in character, colour and versatility.
  • See our gallery for great examples of this sleeper being used.
  • Treatment: Reasonably heavy (historic) Creosote treated.
  • Durability: Class 2.  15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • As the US Oak is of semi hardwood density it is easily cut and modified on-site. Big dimensions to work with. Solid and reliable. Great for consistency on any project size. Not suited for interior use.
  • This is one of the most popular sleepers available due to the size and the ability to cut & modify easily. From retaining walls in new subdivisions, post and rail fences in Queenstown, to Wharf steps in Marsden point.
  • Full Specifications Sheet & Handling Guidelines

  • Grade: A-Grade & B-Grade (Used).
  • Two to three straight sides with smooth rustic weathering and some exposed grain. Some cracking or splitting at ends. Stone dents & indentations are likely.
    Rectangular and solid with unique height sizing (125mm). Even colouring with grained texture. Bolt holes are present. A cost effective product for larger scale, general use.
  • See  our gallery for great examples of this sleeper being used.
  • Untreated. Ex-rail contaminant may be present (oil drops, stones etc).
  • Durability: Class 2.    15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Exceptionally reliable for larger installations where many sleepers are placed together or spread over wide areas. Great transitional hardwood between varying applications such as retaining and steps. Perfectly weighted to hold itself in position unfixed or for enduring installations.  Relatively clean for cutting & working with (visual inspection is always recommended).

outdoo lawn with staircase made from sleepers

  • Grade: A-Grade & B-Grade (Used).
  •  High calibre in adaptability, aesthetic and quality. Three to four nice and straight, square sides. Minimal cracking or splitting at ends. Wood grain exposed, and stone indentations provide an even weathered texture. Wide & long with occasional bolt holes at ends.
  • See our gallery for inspiration with this sleeper being used.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability: Class 2.    15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Good consistency between exposed grain lengths and indented pieces. A heavy sleeper ideal for large visual displays. Workable with adequate power tools and labour. Mill-able and appropriate for indoor or outdoor use as these are naturally durable without treatment or protection.  Great value with oversized width (300mm) and versatility in length, ideal for varying lengths that provide continuity in appearance. Amazing results with sandblasting and other finishing work.

Patio with lawn and low retaining wall garden made from railway sleepers

  • Grade:  A-Grade &  B-Grade (Used)  – per availability. 
  • These sleepers are big and solid in appearance, makes for prominent displays of beautifully aged / weathered hardwood of any specification. Top and sides are square, these are used railway sleepers so imperfections from years of use will be present. Log wane & bolt holes may be present. Minor splits & cracks may be present. Rustic weathering provides a softly roughened like texture. Ex-rail rustic steel may be present.
  • See our gallery for great examples of this sleeper being used.
  • Treatment: Reasonably heavy (historic) Creosote treated.
  • Durability: Class 2.  15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Considered workable with the appropriate tools, care should be taken when cutting with visual inspections to clean potential rail contaminants (I.e. Grit & dirt). Can be installed to a high standard to feature permanently and to hold its original features long term. Solid enough for almost any use, together or individually.
  • Steps, entrances, quality retaining walls and prominent features where quality is wanted to be portrayed. Very popular for pergolas, outdoor entertainment areas, equestrian fences and jumps. Great to utilise various lengths for applicable purposes. Will maintain current weathered textures.

hardwood and concrete steps with landscape background

  • Grade: AA-Grade.
    1.9m – 8m lengths. W x H <200mm – 500mm.
  • These are big Hardwood timbers made up of Jarrah, Ironbark and other royal Australian hardwood species brought into NZ 30 to 50 years ago. The big and impressive factor is what also hinders the supply ability as new timbers are cost effective to mill at these dimensions, with laminated timber and steel ‘I’ beams etc taking their place.
  • Further, the old trees that can provide 400 x 400 dimension heart quality timber are either protected (hopefully) or non existent in the approved logging areas of Australia. Their lives as wharf structures, bridge bearers or railway structures are over but they are available in rustic form to offer a second, very long life in NZ.
  • Very suitable for large & prominent features. Projects and designs can be easily revolved around a feature piece of this magnitude. As feature entrance pillars, exposed roof trusses, fireplace surrounds or any rustic design where quality and prominence is wanted. Not suited to be highly worked due to density and rarity.
  • Talk to us early in your designs, allow time and usually using several different beams of differing dimensions . For example 300mm x 300mm width requests can be substituted for 340mm x 280mm widths, yet the big impressive style is still successfully achieved.

stockpile of stacked bridge beams