NZ Pine Sleepers

Best for
Outdoor use, passive installations, low retaining walls, edgings, post & rail fences, and supported walls.

Timber Species
New Zealand Pine

Rustic weathering, great character.

Versatile and hugely popular, our NZ Pine sleepers are well suited for a broad range of outdoor applications, and are ideal for cutting and modifying on-site. Preservation treatment has been historically applied, making this unsuitable for interior use, steps near interiors, seats, or anywhere contact is probable. Linings such as polythene should be used for edible gardens or planters.
Ideal for large-scale, cost-effective coverage and where ongoing continuity is sought.

Product Details

Mid to light brown, with historic treatment and varied surface weathering

2100mm x 200mm x 150mm (+/- 10mm)

35 – 45kg

Historically Creosote treated, H5 equivalent

Class 2

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Product Variations

Our Standard Grade pines are standard issue, ex-NZ rail network sleepers, offering decent continuity in both form and weathering. Its top and sides are generally square, with stone indentations, chips and splits likely present. Ex-rail steel and boltholes are possible, and historic treatments will be visible. There is typically a wide range of weathering and colouring, pending on the prior location and function of the sleepers.

Our Landscape Grade sleepers are possibly the most cost-effective sleepers available. Bundles may contain broken sleepers, splits, cracks, chips and possible decay. Best suited for passive applications requiring low integrity, such as edging, small planters, or anywhere spanning coverage is required.


Additional Info

Not suitable for use around edible gardens without the use of polythene lining. Easily workable on-site with cutting and fixing, cost-effective coverage.

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