Hardwood Sleepers

New Australian Hardwood Sleepers

Best for
Landscaping, vegetable gardens, steps, edgings and applications where consistency and natural, chemical free durability is required. Best suited for long-term use where weathered aesthetic is desired over time.

Timber Species
Mix of Jarrah, Ironbark, Spotted Gum and other royal Australian hardwood

New, unused, will weather and age well.

Incredibly durable and new to the market, New Australian Hardwood Sleepers are fantastic for continuity on larger projects. With strong supply ability, these are our most popular sleeper for value, and a great option to go with for new products and designs.

Product Details

Chestnut brown that will fade to a driftwood colour

2150mm x 230mm x 120mm (+/- 10mm) and at times 2750mm x 250mm x 130mm (+/- 10mm)

55-65kg for 2.15’s & 85-90kg for 2.75’s

Natural Class 1 and Class 2


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Unique Features
These sleepers are ideal for incorporating various building materials (raw and man-made). By providing a clean and seamless transition between design and setting, these unique pieces bring a high degree of integrity and a beautiful finished aesthetic to new builds in existing landscapes.

Additional Info

Naturally durable, cutting, drilling, using fasteners, sandblasting and staining possible. The top side can have areas of ‘wane’ present, while the underside tends to be flat and square.

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