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Welcome to Interlink Timber Solutions, your New Zealand specialist in consciously sourcing reclaimed and new timbers. We seek rarity, chase distinction and pursue the finest exterior and interior timbers for projects of all scopes. With a wealth of experience and outstanding support every step of the way, we are your expert link to this stunning, durable and renewable natural material. Explore our offerings, then get in touch to talk through your project.
Urban Design

Landscape timbers

Unearth authentic timbers, quality aged and steeped in history. With timeless character and roots that run deep, these reclaimed timbers are designed to weather the elements with ease. Repurposed railway sleepers, beams, and hardwoods fit naturally back into your outdoor landscape, streetscape or open spaces, adding a unique focal point to any design.
An aerial view of a garden with a wooden walkway.
The ceiling of a building with wooden beams and chandeliers.

Interior timbers

Bring a piece of the outdoors in with Interlink beams and interior wall lining. Chosen for their authentic appeal, durable design, strength and longevity, our interior timbers also offer insulation properties, low maintenance and adaptability to complement your internal design. Their strength allows them to be used for structural purposes if needed, as well as design elements for new homes, renovations and commercial projects alike.

Exterior timbers

Craft beauty and character into your build with our range of exterior timbers. A natural, renewable resource, our recycled and new timbers bring strength and durability to your project, giving builders and designers plenty of scope to work with while also leaving room for innovation. Whatever aesthetic you’re after, the profile, size, appearance and finishes of our exterior timbers can all be tailored to fit. Explore our range of exterior timbers or get in touch for specific requirements.

Urban Design

Weave natural beauty back into urban landscapes with our comprehensive collection of recycled timbers in NZ. With unique textures and finishes, Interlink’s urban range complements creative designs to craft beautiful public areas and open spaces, enabling people to reconnect with nature and with each other.

Your carbon
reduction partner

timbers repurposed
in NZ in 2022.
It’s no secret that manufacturing has a significant impact on our environment. That’s why we’re big on crafting with timber, nature’s renewable resource. Sourcing a wide selection of both recycled and new timbers in NZ wherever we can, we believe that repurposing natural materials extends their life cycle, offering a more sustainable option to discerning customers just like you.
The Journey
A man leaning against a stack of wooden planks.
Rusty nails on a wooden plank.
A patio with a fire pit and furniture.
A close up of a wooden plank.
different timber
species repurposed’ in 2022
tonnes of sleepers rehomed
since 2015
A pond with rocks and a waterfall.
A stack of wooden sleepers.

What our customers are saying

“Our goal was to create a compliant yet unique feature staircase – however, the normal joinery solutions were too bland for what we had in mind. We approached Interlink, who soon identified several ex-South American warehouse boards that, with a little refinement, joinery work and the right stain, provided the perfect solution. We were so impressed by Interlink the whole way through the process, and are already in discussion with the team about pergola beams for our next house.”

Keith Cooper

“You’d think that finding such unique timber and actually getting it to site would be impossible. But with Matthew and the Interlink team, everything is easy. And that means you can provide something really special for your clients, delivering something much more boutique than off-the-shelf. Our clients loved the idea of supporting sustainability by repurposing such beautiful, aged timber.”

Greg Dreyer
Director of Luijten Landscaping Ltd.

“We used Interlink for our build over in Charteris Bay, and would highly recommend them for any unique landscaping jobs. Our clients wanted a great number of sleepers to use as stair treads, and Interlink always had enough high quality stock available for our build. Both our team and our clients were very happy with the end result.”

Logan Nott
Nottswood Construction

“We have used Interlink on several projects in Queenstown, designing and creating some beautiful layouts with their rare, recycled natural timber. You just can’t replicate the effect of time on naturally aged timber. Interlink was very enjoyable to work with, keep up the good work.”

Nathan Greenwood
Project manager and contractor

“When developing a suite of furniture for the Kaikōura coast, we wanted to use materials that reflected the ruggedness of the coastline. The timber that Interlink provided proved to be an ideal choice. Their team was able to work collaboratively with our landscape architecture team right through the design process – from selecting the right timber, to coming up with the design solutions that achieved our design intent.”

Lawrence Elliot
NCTIR Landscape Architect
A close up of a wooden sleeper.

Interlink rustic
timbers, as seen in: