Sandblasted Wharf & Bridge Hardwood Beams

Best for
Indoor features, mantels, window framing, seating, entrance pillars, exposed trusses, fire mantels, interior fixtures. Typically permanent once in place, so better suited for features with high visibility and exposure.

Timber Species
Mix of various royal Australian hardwood, reclaimed

Textured and exposed grains, rich in colour. Undressed, rough sawn.

Sandblasted Wharf & Bridge Hardwood Beams are highly sought-after, adding a unique character and value that dramatically enhance interior designs. These exposed grains can be further finished for smooth surfaces, or left bare to showcase weathering and original timber growth, allowing for unique, custom pieces to be created.

Product Details

Rich, reddish brown fading to silver/driftwood colouration

1900mm – 8000mm x 200mm – 450mm

1 tonne / 1m³ (approx)

Class 2

Untreated, naturally durable

Note: Further flexibility is offered when using beams of differing dimensions. For example, 300mm x 300mm width requests can be substituted for 340mm x 280mm widths, ensuring the same impressive style is successfully achieved.

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Unique Features
Commonly the centrepoint of designs and builds, these non-structural, exposed grains are made prominent through sandblasting or wire brushing. Beams of this size are no longer manufactured in commercial quantities, so it is very rare to obtain square rustic timbers or timber with consistent dimensions.

Additional Info

Rustic steel from original installations can accompany these beams at times, weighted and sized appropriately to fix and concrete into.

One-off pieces and lengths as per availability and dimensions, minimum order subject to availability. Please note, used beams are not off-the-shelf supply. Architects and designers are best to contact Interlink Ltd first to see what beams are available.

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