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The Interlink story

Distinct timbers with a tale to tell

When it comes to quality timber, every piece has a story. Whether it’s at the start of its journey or has been recycled and reclaimed to extend its life cycle, wood adds a quiet charm and solid presence to your build that will continue to evolve through the years.

A renewable resource able to be repurposed with time, timber makes the ultimate carbon reduction partner. But despite being a greener alternative to traditional materials, these recycled and new timbers can be a rare find, requiring a knowledgeable expert to source and deliver sustainably. After discovering this missing connection, Matthew Kennedy formed Interlink Timber Solutions.

Passionate about making renewable timber materials more accessible, Matt travelled extensively meeting reputable sources and suppliers and acquiring unique timbers with stories that run deep. Now, these stunning pieces are handed on to discerning designers, builders, craftsmen and DIY-ers to work into their inspirational projects. But our story doesn’t end here.

We are continually working to improve our processes, source more locally, provide expert advice throughout your project and make recycled timbers an accessible alternative for a more sustainable building industry. A significant part of this is our commitment to help reduce carbon emissions from NZ builds, provide competitive prices by supplying wholesale quantities direct and storing timbers nationally for ease of delivery.

Our helpful team is based in beautiful Wānaka. Offering a single point of contact to a range of timber solutions and superior support every step of the way, we offer both residential and commercial clients throughout New Zealand solutions to their reclaimed and bespoke timber requirements. We look forward to starting your timber story soon.

Doing our part for the planet

Your carbon reduction partner

We’re no stranger to the fact the building industry in New Zealand isn’t where it should be. Climate change, inefficient energy use and land consumption all play into a manufacturing industry that is increasingly detrimental to our natural ecosystems. The ‘built environment’ costs New Zealand 20% of our total consumption emissions, and it’s our goal to change that for the better.

One of nature’s renewable resources, wood offers a more sustainable option than other materials, which is why our ethos centres around making stunning and sustainable timbers more accessible in the building industry. Offering recycled timbers as well as fresh cuts, repurposing timber and materials, minimising carbon and waste, and sourcing locally wherever we can are just a few of the things we’re doing to reduce our impact.

Interlink has been supplying New Zealand with reclaimed timber for over 14 years, and are on a quest to encourage this renewable energy source alongside more sustainable designs in the building world. As your carbon reduction partner, we’re always in pursuit of improvement: we’re not here to tick boxes, we’re here to continue working towards sustainable practices in all we do.

Check back in with us to see where we are on our road to sustainability.

The recycled timber journey

The adventure, from discovery to delivery

01. Sourcing

Keeping in touch with our contacts such as railways, ports and salvage companies, collecting rare reclaimed timbers when they become available.

02. Salvaging

Sourcing local timbers using specialist machinery or transporting timber to New Zealand if necessary, meeting all biosecurity requirements.

03. Categorising

We store the reclaimed timbers in warehouses throughout New Zealand, where we categorise and grade each unique piece, discovering their distinct features.

04. Rehoming

Working with designers, architects, large trade retailers, builders, craftsmen and discerning DIYers to link their concept to the perfect timbers, milling and sandblasting bespoke creations where required and delivering to locations around New Zealand.

05. Support and design

We provide design and technical advice throughout the entire process, ensuring the quality of each piece and the highest satisfaction of each customer. We also craft urban designs for public spaces, such as street furniture and walkways.

Our latest projects