Hardwood Sleepers

Ironwood Hardwood Sleepers

Best for
Outdoor use, especially in long-term and heavy-duty designs, vertical standalone designs, outdoor features, walkways, benches, furniture, bespoke designs and interiors where suitable.

Timber Species

Clean, prominent, weathered.

Our Ironwood Hardwoods are premium sleepers, combining an extremely dense timber with natural durability and minor to no preservation treatment. As impressive in stature as they are in quality, these solid timbers make for an eye-catching statement piece, and are best used where a high degree of continuity in form and quality is required.

Product Details

Dark ‘Kobicha’ brown to light charcoal

2600mm x 250mm x 140mm (+/- 10mm)


Class 1

Minimal to no treatment

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Product Variations

Our A-Grade Ironwood is a premium, ultra-dense sleeper which has both excellent form and shape as well as natural durability. With little to no preservation treatments, these sleepers are solid and heavy, working best in highly visual areas where a high degree of continuity in form and quality is required, or where long-term integrity and durability is paramount.

Landscape Grade:
Our Landscape Grade Ironwood Sleepers best enhance existing settings, coupling extreme timber density with cracks, chips and splits that offer an immediate ex-railway look and feel. Unlikely to deteriorate for decades to come, the exposed grains and dry decay work well for most non-structural garden applications for the mid-long term. Our Landscape Grade Ironwood beautifully compliments the A-Grade, with a huge value in life expectancy and character.

AA-Grade Ironwood is subject to availability, contact us for more information..



Unique Features
Ironwood Premium Hardwood Sleepers are big, solid, heavy, and a real statement product. Best used where a high degree of integrity or continuity in form is required, in either heavy landscape applications or highly visual features.

Additional Info

Extremely dense and durable, this timber is non-absorbent and therefore suitable for wet environments. It is unlikely to take to staining or treatments.

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