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As our cities expand, history fades and nature is overtaken by steel and concrete, it’s becoming even more important to craft beauty, creativity and sustainability back into our urban landscapes. Urban designers are uniquely placed to rethink our public areas through creative designs and processes, planning built structures and open spaces that enable people to connect with one another and with nature, to improve the health of humanity and our surrounding environment.

With unique textures and finishes, Interlink’s urban range of repurposed railway sleepers and beams stand as interesting, impressive features in every design, adding a touch of nature, character and history back into the build. Coupled with their durability and reliability, these rustic timbers are perfect for a wide range of urban designs – whether general landscaping, pergolas, bollards, vertical features, bench seats and tables or anything in between.

What’s more, by sourcing locally recycled hardwood materials and repurposing them into commercial landscapes and urban projects, you’re also extending the life cycle of the timber and contributing to more sustainable building practices. We’re continually working to improve and adapt our processes and make greener design choices, by providing long lasting timber alternatives in urban spaces throughout New Zealand.

Our rare timbers are one-of-a-kind pieces, which also makes them finite. To make sure you’re incorporating the right style and sized timbers in your design, chat to the team early on to see what’s available. Our timbers might just inspire your next design, or you may even discover timbers with a special connection to your location, project or people.

Tables & bench

A bold material for a key feature of your urban design, reclaimed timbers make a unique statement while offering a natural presence, especially when compared to many man-made alternatives. Reclaimed timbers have a colourful history or provenance that make for an interesting story woven into the final design.

Bollards, wheel
stops & vertical

Over the years, these operational features have been replicated in modern materials, however the traditional timber designs are timeless and unique. Their rustic aesthetic compliments any urban space, while their size and strength add to their benefits for a very functional and important use.

NCTIR project, Kaikōura

Catalina wharf, Auckland

Kawarau School

Placemakers, Albany

Avon River, Christchurch

Ahurura Bridge

Sculptures &
artistic features

Every architect and designer’s dream, sculptures and artistic features are the perfect way to flex your creativity in an urban space. Stunning and inspired, these pieces showcase the ideas, skills and work put in by the many hands that craft each piece for all to admire and enjoy.

Anton Forde

New Market Retail

Floating Stairs, Christchurch

Thames Public Art Trust

Skateparks &

A touch of timber in the concrete jungle, gives a little bit of nature back to our younger generations. Known for their functionality, strength, and durability, these recycled timbers provide timeless character in these young stomping grounds.

Hamilton Skatepark

Palmerston North Skatepark

Ram raid aesthetic

An important element to ensure safety and protection in case of security breaches, ram raids also need to have a certain aesthetic to make them welcoming to customers. Instead of your typical, cold metal bollards, imagine reclaimed timber bollards, planter boxes, wine barrels or gabion baskets with timber seating.

Placemakers, Albany

Moveable gabion basket seating

Entrance signage

Make a statement with entrance signage crafted from recycled hardwood timbers, telling tales of timeless elegance, strength and durability. With reclaimed timbers, you can be sure that your entryway will only enhance with age, unlike manmade materials.

Central Otago


Waiheke Island



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