Private Residence, Wānaka

Floating stairs make for a stunning feature in any home, and this Wānaka residential was no different. This project saw the owner of this beautiful home looking for a design that stood out from the crowd, and the high level of craftsmanship delivered just that. A stunning, high quality installation using reclaimed timbers.

Timber Used

With their sleek, minimalistic design, floating stairs have become increasingly popular in modern architecture and interior design. Appearing to float in the air without visible structural support, floating stairs create a visually stunning effect that makes them a popular choice for contemporary homes, commercial spaces, and public buildings.

Using timber instead of concrete or steel on a construction project can have a positive effect on reducing carbon emissions. Timber is a renewable resource and its production and processing require significantly less energy compared to concrete or steel. Moreover, the carbon stored in timber remains sequestered throughout the life of the build, while the production of concrete and steel releases significant amounts of greenhouse gases.

Our goal was to create a compliant yet unique feature staircase – however, the normal joinery solutions were too bland for what we had in mind. So, we approached Interlink, who soon identified several ex-South American warehouse boards that, with a little refinement, joinery work and the right stain, provided the perfect solution. We also wanted a mantle and hearth, and of course, Interlink gave us several options that resulted in the best possible outcome. We couldn’t rate Interlink highly enough – from their advice, to the choices made and entire shipment process, we were constantly impressed. So much so, in fact, that we’re already in discussion with the team about pergola beams for our next house.

-Keith Cooper, Wānaka


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