If you’re unsure about any part of the Interlink process, have a look through our frequently asked questions or get in touch.

  • Do recycled timbers contribute toward Greenstar, Living Future Institute and Green building credits?

    Yes, more often than not. Depending on the accreditation program, our team can assist with product selection and suitability for such standards, as well as providing thorough reference material towards the process.

  • Are the sleepers, beams and timbers sustainably procured?

    Yes. All our products are, and will always be Redlist free. This is an uncompromising position for Interlink, where our sole intention is to see quality natural products recycled for a long life here in New Zealand. Our whole philosophy is to utilise the complete lifecycle of goods from sustainable points of origins and reputable supply chains.

  • Can I cut railway sleepers? Will there be rail contaminants ?

    The short answer? Yes. Care should always be taken to inspect timber, utilising the correct equipment and safety protection. Railway sleepers are commonly cut, drilled, sliced and handled to fit into each installation. Feel free to refer to our handling guide here. Practical competence is always advised.

  • How do I know if the timber has been treated?

    We will ALWAYS specify if historical (preservation) treatments have ever been applied, regardless of whether it is visible or not. This is typically specified in numerous places such as on the product section on our website, our product availability lists, and during any liaison with our team. A best practice guide on handling treatments and sleepers can be found here.

  • How do you grade sleepers?

    Throughout the many years of sourcing and delivering rustic hardwoods, a standardised grading guide by Interlink has been developed, which can be found here. This guide offers an indication on what characteristics and traits are referred to with recycled timber. Grading is based on a bulk average, and at a minimum will always be suitable for landscaping.

    Please note, there is no international, national or industry standard on the grading of recycled timber. Images of current stock and viewings are often the best measure of suitability.

  • Can I be on account with Interlink?

    If you are a registered business that would like to query an account and credit facility please get in touch.

  • How can I get sleepers delivered to site if I cannot collect?

    We have an array of trusted partners and regular operators for hiab and freight deliveries that we encourage customers to enquire directly with us for transport solutions throughout the country. The location, weight, and cube measurements of the consignment as well as site locations and requirements will be needed prior to quoting.

  • Can I purchase less than minimum order?

    Typically not. Prices are based on wholesale quantities, and therefore require set quantities to be ordered. That being said, we love to see your projects come to life and be completed to their potential, so we do try to fulfil your order as per your requirements as best possible. For example, if we have loose quantities available, we will match this to your order. Alternatively, please feel free to contact your local Mitre 10 MegaPlacemakersHammer Hardware, or Bunnings Warehouse  for single sleeper queries.

  • Can I purchase and pick up today?

    Unfortunately, no. Our stock is stored in secure MAF/MPI transport and storage facilities that require a minimum notice of 1-2 days. This is so that we can process orders and make the stock available for loading in a timely manner.

  • Where can I see the stock?

    We have yards in Auckland and Ashburton that are available for stock viewing. We will typically require a day or two to communicate and confirm this.

  • Where is Interlink located?

    While our office is based in Wānaka, for logistical efficiency our stock is stored nationwide in secure MAF/MPI locations, or transport and storage facilities throughout New Zealand. This means we often have staff travelling throughout the country.

  • How are sleepers priced?

    Because we charge wholesale prices (excluding GST) and are ex-warehouse, this often means bulk discounts for forward ordering and set quantities.

    Collection and dispatch typically require a nominal fee based on location and facility, which covers the use of the fork hoist, administration, health and safety, labour, etc. This is charged per order, regardless of size (one dispatch, one fee), hence our minimum orders. Please enquire for associated costs.