view of sand blasted internal trusses with light fixings below and skylights in roof above

Repurposing Timber Inside Your Home

view of sand blasted internal trusses with light fixings below and skylights in roof above
Repurposing rustic timber with impressive features

There are many ways to repurpose reclaimed timber in your home.

Bring the natural world inside to create a rich and warm feeling through big features such as exposed beams, doors, and in-built shelving. Create smaller pieces such as cabinetry, tables and chairs or turn it into kitchenware such as bowls, platters, and utensils.

Repurposing timber not only creates these unique designs but is also a conscious and sustainable choice. Limiting the use of new timber in favour of reclaimed reduces waste going into our landfills and the impact on the world’s natural resources.

recycled hardwood double front door between stone walls
Impressive entrance using rustic timber
partially recessed recycled hardwood mantle above internal fire place and stone chimney
Mantel made with rustic timber

Repurposing rustic timber indoors is impressive.

It’s intriguing coming into a home designed with materials rich in history and character. The natural weathering, old nail and bolt holes, rough and worn textures and raw edges create an amazing uniqueness in each piece of reclaimed timber. Choosing to use reclaimed timber for your interior features will create exactly that – designs that are distinctive and fitting to your personal artistic eye.

When choosing to build interior features and smaller goods, there are a few things to consider first. Choosing the right timber is key – depending on what it will be used for will impact your choice. Will it be for structural use? Will it be used for an application that gets wet often? Will you be using it for storing or making food? Other things to be aware about include treatment and if it will be safe or possible to remove, how easy is it to modify and will it last the life span needed for the intended purpose.

Seek advice when repurposing rustic timber.

Speaking to a professional will help you understand where to start, how to choose the best timber for your purpose and how to go about creating and, if necessary, installing the product.

There are many books and online resources for inspiration on incorporating reclaimed timber into your interior design, as well as courses in cabinetry and wood working if you want to put your own personal touch inside your home.

Interlink has reclaimed timber options available for many different purposes so do get in touch with any timber queries.

Upwards view of internal exposed timber trusses with stone chimney behind
Feature ceiling with rustic timber

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