Framing a house – the importance of landscaping

There’s this saying that my grandfather used to tell me, for we shared the same passion for art, “a picture is not complete until it is framed.”  I’d ask him why and he’d come back with the same three things every time: 

  1. It complements – a good frame helps to accentuate a piece art.
  2. It is practical – it protects the work and gives us the ability to hang it. 
  3. It defines – it sets it apart from the rest of the wall. 

It’s a quote that has always stuck with me and one that correlates well with the Landscaping Scene. A house is not complete until it is landscaped – where the house is a piece of art, and the landscape its frame. Better yet, landscaping takes a project from a house to a home:

  1. It complements – good landscaping helps to accentuate a home and caters to the ever popular indoor/outdoor flow.
  2. It is practical – great landscaping creates a place to entertain, play, and grow in.
  3. It defines – landscaping helps to set a home apart from the multitudes of other houses and leaves a lasting impression.
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An outdoor space, completed with the use of planters and landscaping.

These features of well-crafted landscapes generate value across the board. Both developers and homeowners alike acknowledge that investment in the outdoor space can lead to significant financial, health, and wellbeing benefits. An old adage says an investment in landscaping of between 3-5% of the value of your house can increase re-sale values by 9-15%. Having great indoor/outdoor flow increases the liveable space of a home, and therefore its value on the market. Further to this, landscaping can create a healthier environment as it provides shade, privacy, and the possibilities of edible gardens, maximising health and wellbeing, whilst helping to reduce household costs. 

They say first impressions count, so make sure your ‘frame’ sets the scene for the rest of the home. 

I recently had a client come to me wishing they had not closed out their loan prior to finishing the landscaping. They bemoaned the fact they had a tight budget to complete the landscaping, a story older than time! Without an understanding of how the landscape can frame a house this young couple and their children had to settle for a lower quality, less liveable space, and the frustration and discomfort of an incomplete project. With value for money underscoring the multitude of benefits of great landscape design, owners can choose to ignore the facts at their own peril! 

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Railway sleepers and landscaping framing the house.

Talk to us direct, or engage with your Landscape Architects and Designers, to see how our premium rustic sleepers can help you make the most of your project and turn a house into a home. Timber is an excellent building material with fantastic biophilic properties that serve to make spaces happier, healthier, and more enjoyable. As our timbers have aged and weathered, they have developed a rusticated appearance through nail holes, knots, and veins that cannot be found in new timbers. The unique natural grain and colour variations add an aesthetic appeal to any space. There is an authenticity about them that is irreplaceable, a charm about them that is indescribable, and a rarity about them that is undeniable. Better yet, they are great for the environment, and in some instances can be hundreds of years old. These are timbers from your grandfathers’ forests, they’re strong, resilient, and have stood the test of time. Make an investment in your family, your home, and let the benefits bless you. Let us know how’d you’d like to utilise these special timbers and turn good great design into reality.