Reclaimed timber outdoor structures

Reclaimed Timber Beams are an iconic representation of New Zealand’s history, where big Australian hardwood timbers were brought into New Zealand throughout the 18th and 19th centuries to help build its fast-growing infrastructure. From railway lines to bridges, wharves and wool warehouses, these timbers helped to grow the agricultural sector at that time. Primarily built by carpenters and labourers, much of this infrastructure used timber from grand old trees – which are now either non-existant or, thankfully, protected. From the late 19th century, concrete and steel took over as the go-to choice of material for large buildings and infrastructures, making big timber beams a finite source.

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Now, we are once again seeing timber come full circle to become the material of choice for builders due to its lower carbon emission during the manufacturing process, compared to concrete and steel. With building practices moving towards choices that better protect our fragile environment, Reclaimed Timber Beams are becoming increasingly popular given their sustainable life cycle.
Where any new hardwood is considered, that same structure can use reclaimed timbers instead, including engineering aspects via the use of steel support. This makes it a great option for outdoor structures.

When designing your build, make sure to choose beams that are currently available or can be easily sourced by our specialists at Interlink. Contact the team early on in your project design and concept stage to find out what is available.

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