Spring time is DIY time!

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and when we’re looking to create a setting of character and integrity the decision to use quality natural products means it only makes sense to then use quality components to keep it all together – long term.
As the season for DIY & professional improvement services is upon us – and our living spaces, it is time to spruce up for the summers dose of R&R. Let us take a moment and evaluate how much, and how long we would like to reap the rewards.

Railway sleepers for hammock 768x549 1

Building and maintaining landscape and architectural projects, big or small can be gratifying in many ways, though can be heavy work and generally something to be done once and done right.

One would be best to avoid the burden of re-designing and reconstructing every Spring & Summer where possible in order to relax and add value to any setting worth working on. This is achieved through adequate material selection and how it’s assembled.

Rustic hardwoods and recycled railway sleepers were produced with a high enduring functionality in mind. A simple task to stay firm, strong, rot resistant and in place one would think; though these superior manufacturing & grading processes worldwide are now the reason end of product life users like ourselves retain and contribute so much value, utility and calibre from something that is ‘recycled or salvaged’ and has already served its intended purpose.

Putting these reclaimed timbers to good use with the workmanship and complimentary materials they are worthy of will ensure your project will not only stand the test of time, but also look and work as it should for decades to come. Make it an investment in quality for long yielding returns in your project, R&R and peace of mind.

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So if this season is your season to make a natural indoor or outdoor setting come to life with rustic timbers and railway sleepers, be sure to utilise all the fantastic resources available – from material support (measure and suitability) to DIY guides and professional advice and of course – quality components.

stairs made from railway sleepers 1024x575 1

If ever in doubt, do not be shy. There are many highly accessible resources available for everybody; and as always, a great place to start is in the planning. Talk to the team at Interlink about your ideal setting, indoors or out. Together we can explore the most ideal options for the project.

Including our trusted partners and the worldwide web, ideas and expertise can is only a conversation (and a click) away!

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