Planning your landscaping resources

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Often when we’re redesigning or contemplating landscaping before the heavy lifting begins there is emphasis on being creative and unique. However, with a well-placed used hardwood sleeper or two, diversifying and venturing into the unknown doesn’t have to be exaggerated or extravagant; it’s all about what you do with the right materials!

It doesn’t take long when visiting the Lavender Farm in Wanaka to notice the simple use of rustic railway sleepers in standardised positions to prove what a subtle, yet dramatic effect these fabulous landscaping resources can have on a property. The vertical positioning for both fence & gate posts, as well as strategically placed wire intermittently stung from sleepers, now repurposed as stakes allows for the natural regeneration of plant life to weave and flow between the amazing recycled Australian hardwoods.

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Whilst the Lavender farm is a one of a kind; nestled quietly in the background of the Southern Alps; the utilisation of a once generic, mass produced resource for rail infrastructure intermingled with plants common across the country such as lavender and roses really creates the natural and homely feeling of a simple yet beautiful landscape. All the more rewarding knowing they can be personally installed by property owners and garden lovers without the big retail chains replicated materials and styles seen everywhere, and peace of mind knowing your beloved reused and reclaimed hardwood will stand the test of time.

The smallest of details such as a hardwood railway sleeper so closely and warmly matched amongst natural flowers and shrubbery, has the most appreciated and tranquil effects upon a landscape.

Without the rush of weathering materials to match in to pre-existing gardens and landscapes; rustic hardwoods earn their place immediately; whilst surrounded by new materials, the reclaimed lumber holds its place in either prominent a feature such as pergolas or furniture to forever exasperate the feeling of warmth and calm throughout.

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The visitors passing through the Lavender farm only need to take a moment to feel relaxed amongst the salvaged hardwood pergolas to instantly feel a part of the homely atmosphere only rustic hardwood railway sleepers can produce.

Define your own homely environment and sense of warmth with ecologically friendly materials, knowing no matter the specific placement, the results will be impossible to miss, both in feeling and aesthetics. Email or call the team at Interlink today for a chat about how you can achieve a long lasting and enjoyable landscape using used hardwoods and sleepers. After all, summer is almost here, and it doesn’t take much to get the most out of it, so don’t delay!

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