European Rustic Hardwood Beams – AA Grade

What are the subtleties and features we so pleasingly perceive when noticing rustic aesthetics and installations? Is it the instant recognition of quality materials and solidity, coupled with soft matching colours and tones in its surroundings?

Perhaps our association with all things big, solid and historic being so closely aligned with enduring superiority in resources and workmanship that let us efficiently assume the value and past worth of an object or setting…
As they say, where there is smoke there is fire. An analogy truly comparable to the high functioning, top class composition and finished product from Interlink Ltd; in the new release of AA – Graded Rustic European Hardwood beams.

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An understated piece of medium, waiting for the artistic & operational perspective of each soon-to-come installation to craft, fit and incorporate these marvellous pieces of natural and industrial history.

Allocating, securing, customising and fitting are all part of the organic processes in authentically matching this timeless resource into a worthy, long term setting and installation.
Project owners, designers and managers all contribute the same positive feedback when considering and utilising these rare and undiscovered gems of the architectural and design spaces throughout New Zealand.

Full-bodied depth in both character and visual appeal, this poignant observation still under serves the physical integrity these beams contain. The big 300mm x 300mm square dimensions are comparable to the salvaged wharf beams of our major ports; the density of grain from the Northern Hemispheric hardwoods that compose these masterpieces were only milled for the fundamental purpose of long-jeopardy in form and purpose. These will very intentionally, stand the test of time.

Fashioned Euro beam3 768x513 1

Capable of living up to the stringent load, engineering and architectual testing  prominent features, posts & pillars must endure; these resolute built European hardwood rustic beams exude increasing value through versatility, structural reliability and high end visual finishes..

A darker, earthier, wholesome colouring compliments the Corten components through the endless weathering these hardwoods can experience. Demonstrating a harmonious bond with aging and time as the compatible fixings and straps seamlessly amalgamate together; forming that unforgettable, epitomising installation only recycled natural products can achieve with Interlink Ltd.

Fashioned Euro beam2 1024x685 1

Starting from about 5 meters long, these man-made rustic beams can be made to length, encompassing stellar continuity and prominence in almost any project and design imaginable. Talk to us today for more information, pictures and project advice about securing these one of a kind, long run, rustic European hardwood beams!

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