Bring the Natural World Inside

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Biophilic design is the idea of bringing nature and the feelings it evokes inside through the use of natural materials.

It’s inspired by the patterns, shapes, textures and colours of nature.

Our everyday lives are often spent removed from the natural world, living and working in built-up cities and surrounding ourselves with man-made environments. The absence of nature from our everyday lives is believed to be detrimental to our mental and physical wellbeing and so the idea of Biophilic design becomes apparent – exposure to nature, indoors.

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Rustic timber provides a feeling of nature

Biophilic design is commonly considered by designers and architects alike to reflect this concern.

Simple things like indoor plants and wooden flooring can liven up a room and the skillful use of natural, earthy colours can entirely alter a space.

A sense of calm can be created through design elements like increased light through sky lights or texture from exposed rustic timber beams.

When you’re planning your next project, consider how you can incorporate biophilic design and natural materials to create a sense of serenity indoors.

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Natural materials used throughout the fitout