Bring the Natural World Inside

Biophilic design, the idea of bringing nature and the feelings it evokes inside.

It is inspired by the patterns, shapes, textures and colours of nature.

As we remove ourselves from the natural world, living in built up cities and surround ourselves with man-made structures, our mental and physical wellbeing is believed to be negatively impacted by these environments. Biophilic design is thought to help through exposure to nature, indoors.


It is becoming more apparent that biophilic design is being considered in new builds and fit outs. 

Simple things like indoor plants and wooden flooring can liven up a room and the use of natural, earthy colours can improve a space.

Or create a true sense of calm  by including prominent design elements such as sky lights or rustic timber framing and exposed rustic timber structures to create texture to a room.




When you start planning your next project, consider how you can incorporate biophilic design and create a sense of serenity indoors.

Make sure to visit our gallery and product section to see what looks and styles can be achieved through rustic, new or used – sustainably sourced hardwoods. Get in touch for more information and images.

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