Timber is a great material for interior design

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Why you should be choosing timber for your projects.

Timber has been a constant choice for commercial and residential interior designs for many years, with its popularity continuing to grow, and for good reason.

Hardwoods are a hugely versatile natural material that can be used to suit all kinds of aesthetics and design features.

It is also an excellent renewable material, offering spaces a natural look and feel, while encouraging sustainable design.

Below are some of the reasons why timber is so popular for interior designs.


A huge bonus with designing with timber is the variety of textures and colours available as well as its adaptability. It can be old, new, rich, subtle, soft, light, all enabling it to fit well into any environment and it can be modified to suit all tastes and designs. It can also be used for furniture, joinery and structural components and compliments other materials, therefore it can be incorporated into almost any space without looking out of place.

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Timber is a fantastic natural material because it’s a renewable source and absorbs carbon. With action against climate change and government requirements towards lowering the carbon footprint in the building and construction industry, this makes timber a highly desirable material for both interior and exterior designs.

Biophilic Design 

Another big factor behind the push towards timber is the biophilic properties it brings to a space. It creates a connection between the built world and design, offering the advantages of bringing nature indoors, including lowered stress levels, lowered anxiety and an increase in productivity. 

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Strength, longevity, insulation properties, low maintenance and adaptability are only a few of the reasons timber makes it a great material to use. It’s naturally strong so can be used for structural purposes as well as design elements. It’s long-lasting and ages well, it is a great insulator making it ideal for residential builds, it can be fairly low-maintenance so easy to look after and it’s a lot easier to work with compared materials like concrete and steel because there’s more room for alterations and adaptions on-site.