Authentic Japanese Cedar, sustainably grown.

Craft authenticity into your build with our Yakisugi timbers, the same charred Japanese cedar used in Japanese architecture for centuries. A craft handed down for generations, Interlink is proud to represent SUGI timbers in the South Island of New Zealand, offering only hand selected and sustainably grown natural or charred timber for highly durable cladding. Naturally treated and extremely low maintenance, this quality timber has a natural beauty and proven durability that will last for generations.
Timber has long played an important role in Japanese architecture, and as such, has been respected as a precious and finite resource. With world class planting and management systems that are GOHO certified, SUGI timber is hand selected and graded in Japan, then manufactured in New Zealand to industry standards. Practising ethical forestry, careful cultivation and an ongoing commitment to sustainable growth practices, SUGI timber just might be the perfect choice for your next build. Explore our products below.


Yakisugi is the authentic Japanese charred cladding and weatherboard system made from imported sustainable Japanese cedar. With specific qualities required for the charring process, true Yakisugi can only be made with sugi timber, or Japanese cedar, and we’re proud to sustainably source this directly from Japan. Highly durable and low maintenance, our Yakisugi timbers are all natural, with no toxic glues, lamination, or chemical treatments required. This exterior timber is available in three finishes, with modern vertical or horizontal shiplap.


Charred and oiled

Heat treated, charred and coated with natural oils, the Dento finish uses a natural oil to solidify the carbon layer, minimising blemishes and offering longevity to both the timber and its natural colour. We recommend re-oiling every 10-20 years to prolong the layer of black carbon.


Charred, brushed and oiled

The Makurro finish offers Japanese cedar that is heat treated, charred, then lightly brushed before being factory coated using natural oils. While the light brush leaves behind a smooth, lightly burned appearance, the oiling process protects and prolongs the natural colour of the timber.

Wabi Sabi

Charred, double-brushed, coloured and oiled

The Wabi Sabi finish sees Japanese cedar heat treated, charred, then brushed twice to remove most of the soot from the softwood, leaving only carbon on the fine hardwood grain. The hardwood is then coloured with natural oils before the final factory coat to seal. Every board is finished by hand, resulting in a truly beautiful cladding with an enhanced timber grain.


Grown in the fertile soils of Japan, SUGI’s world class Kiyama cladding brings a piece of the natural environment into your build. Kiyama is a completely natural product with no toxic glue or lamination required, sustainably harvested and highly durable to withstand the extremes of the New Zealand climate. For centuries, Kiyama has been used in Japanese architecture as a proven, durable and sustainable alternative to carbon-intensive engineered products.
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