Interior wall linings, stunning by design.

Discover our range of interior wall linings crafted to your home, office, and beautiful spaces. Adding a touch of rustic charm to the indoors, our reclaimed interior timbers are shaped from railway timber, barns, warehouses and other unique structures.

Whatever your choice, our interior wall linings tell their story through the grain designs and character marks on their skin, reflecting the beauty of your design from the inside out.
    Australian Wall Cladding
    European Wall Cladding
    Original USA Barnwood

Australian Wall Cladding

Sustainably sourced and fit to transform, our rustic Australian timber has a natural beauty that makes it the simple choice for your interior linings. Its unique style pairs with an easy, DIY installation process for the perfect feature wall in both residential and commercial spaces. The modular systems are crafted with designers, shopfitters, and builders in mind, while the consistency of the Australian interior linings significantly reduce onsite labour costs and make for a cost-effective installation.

COLOUR: Artisan Rustic, True Rustic
DIMENSIONS: Length 500mm - 2000mm; width 180mm; depth 25mm including backing board.
WEIGHT: Approx 1.5kg per lineal metre
DURABILITY: 20+ years minimum
TREATMENT: Naturally durable

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European Wall Cladding

With an authentic European design, this recycled timber range makes for an eye-catching feature to both residential and commercial interiors. There are endless ways to style this interior European lining - opt for a single accent wall, follow it through to the ceiling, or create an entire cocoon of warmth and texture to elevate your build. Whether using the same board throughout or experimenting with different shades and textures, our interior wall cladding offers a truly bespoke touch to your design.

COLOUR: Natural Woodsman, Bespoke European
DIMENSIONS: Length 400mm - 2500mm; width 150mm; depth 15mm - 22mm depending on backing board.
WEIGHT: Approx 1kg per lineal metre
DURABILITY: 20+ years minimum
TREATMENT: Untreated for internal use only

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Original USA Barnwood

Invite a weathered charm into your build with this one of a kind reclaimed wood panelling. Our Heartland Barnwood timber has been sustainably repurposed from decades-old structures in the heart of the United States, from old thoroughbred horse farms to tobacco barns and rural structures that breathe character and personality. The treatment and design of this interior timber highlight its natural grain patterns, saw marks and authentic weathering, giving it a stunning finish to complement your design.

COLOUR: Natural Barnwood, Weathered Grey
DIMENSIONS: Length 400mm - 2100mm; width 75mm, 100mm and 125mm options; depth 8mm - 12mm depending on backing board.
WEIGHT: Approx 500g per lineal metre
DURABILITY: 15+ years minimum
TREATMENT: Untreated for internal use only

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