A little bit of New Zealand is now available to the rest of the world through Interlink's business focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness − specifically sustainability, consistency, and reliability.
Natural Peat Moss from New Zealand is known for its outstanding ability to improve the properties of growing mediums. These properties combine to provide a healthy and beneficial growing medium for all types of potting mixes, fertilizers, mushroom casing, nursery blends, and any specialist growing medium.
If you want landscape sleepers, you have come to the right place. Interlink specialises in used railway sleepers – from Australian Jarrah, Ironbarks and more, to American Oak, Russian Larch and the hardest of them all – Azobe. Dimensions are specific to the country of origin and quantities are restricted by weight. However, using our extensive freight forwarding network, delivery can be easy and affordable.

Products we supply

The following products have been selected based on what Interlink can supply with reliability and consistency, and most importantly caring for the pristine environment of New Zealand and promoting systems for better energy use.

retaining wall with rustic timber close up

Railway Sleepers

Recycled and re-used railway sleepers for innovative and creative designs that will stand the test of time.

Wine Barrels

Traditional oak barrels for the garden, outdoor settings or entertainment areas.

NZ Sphagnum Moss

Sphagnum moss holds an abundance of natural nutrients and up to 20 times its own weight in water, just two of the reasons why it is used extensively in plant propagation.

NZ Peat Moss

Natural peat moss from New Zealand that is a fantastic growing medium for all horticultural requirements, not matched by any other peat composition in the world.

Animal Feeds

Natural animal feeds with no added chemicals means a healthier food chain. The high-dose chemical-based feeds of the last 50 years need to change nowin order to become a part of the healthier future for us all.


Micro-chemicals from the earliest fertiliser stage stay in the soils and become part of the plant structure, and hence our food chain. Interlink supports the use of natural fertilisers for healthier plant and soil use to ensure future healthier living for all of us.

Eco Glazing

Energy conservation has never been more important, and is becoming more affordable for everyone. Direct manufacturer-to-installer business is now available through Interlink.

Energy Conservation

Coming on line shortly, Example; Earth heat-retaining fires designed in Europe.


Interlink is proud to be able to extend our experience as an importer and wholesale distributor since 2009 nationwide throughout New Zealand, to now be a competent and reliable exporter to other locations around the world. This is a seamless process thanks to our experienced in-house freight forwarding and transport/logistics managers.