Interlink Ltd specialises in repurposing used, recycled & reclaimed timbers which encompass many forms. From railway sleepers to bridge and wharf beams; all posses unique characteristics and rarely contain manufactured-like conformity. Interlink takes pride in identifying suitability and accurate descriptions to best assist the client in making an informed choice. The client should always rely on advice & recommendations by those designing & planning + installing the timbers, where Interlink can facilitate on information and viewings of the product(s) to further assist with the decision-making process. With this in mind, as per our (sleeper) Sleeper Grading Guide; our products are graded in bulk quantities on best estimated averages. Such is the nature of the (bulk) wholesale supply of used timbers, there is an inevitability of unforeseen subpar quantities that is incorrectly graded or identified, or not suitable for the intended use that can be dispatched unintentionally.

Please refer to this guide and advice from Interlink staff to best manage product returns, replacements, and refunds/credits.

Note, commercial and bulk supply agreements will always apply in the first instance.

Returns Guide:

Should a quantity or part of a consignment not reflect prior descriptions, images, and grading guide outlines, a request to refer to prior written dialogue, sent reference material and images of the questioned stock will be required for Interlink to assess the materials as accurately and efficiently as possible. Images will need to clearly identify defects in entirety; displaying both the overall consignment and pieces that are being queried. Adequate quality of images (lighting, file size etc) are necessary to best assess any queries. Further request(s) for more information and images may be required.

Upon agreement of subpar qualities and pieces, Interlink Ltd in the first instance encourages the onsite adaption or utilisation of the product where possible. An open dialogue to determine any form of renumeration, usually consisting of a downgraded rate of stock based on images of (sub-par) products to be assessed prior to installation or continued use of the goods. Where agreement or re-use cannot be obtained, the recovery cost(s) of sleepers will rest with Interlink, and re-dispatching, delivering and associated costs will be at the client’s expense. As per our transportation guide, this will always be priced as accurately as possible and will be subject to agreement before further collection, release of goods and refund/credit.  

Generally, the acquisition of sub-par material will occur prior to replacement stock, particularly where refunds & credits are issued.
Interlink will always seek to respond and resolve in a timely matter to best manage on going requirements and queries. Delays to site and project(s), including any costs incurred are associated solely with the client, and open communication regarding site + product requirements will assist in mitigating such possibilities.

Images of two bundles of sleepers with text

Returns Process Summarised:

1) Evaluate stock: Match images, descriptions, average quality of bundle, communication during sales process.
How many subpar to total quantity? Do quantities fall outside of the expected variation of the grade? I.e. A-Grade bundle = B / AA quality is acceptable à C-Grade not.

2)Contact Interlink: Forward images (as per guide), description, order number, affected quantities, capacity to utilise.
Reiterate requirements & specifications as per prior sales process.

3)Confirmation on exchange, complete or partial refund/credit and availability for replacement.
Operational arrangement for retrieval/return of sub-par goods prior to supplementary dispatch or processing credit/refund.

4)Collection & release of sub-par stock, replacements and payments.