Used U.K Oak Sleepers

A great valued sleeper with unique, robust sizing. Very Authentic ex-rail feel and look, with occasional rail steel and boltholes throughout. More suited toward outdoor use. The (historically) treated oak makes them very durable, expect a lifetime of use from these with a maintained aesthetic & character.

The oversized length of these sleepers comes from where rail tracks spilt (called turnouts) and is where wider sleepers and required for short distances on the track. Hence, the 2.8m to 3.4m are hard to source and to equally maintain stock levels once arriving into NZ from Europe due to their popularity.

  • Great versatility & consistency with various lengths available. Works well with installations that require both vertical and horizontal positioning, such as pergola posts and edging.  
  • Not to be found elsewhere in NZ, exclusive to Interlink.
  • Can be installed to a high standard with quality rustic integrity.
  • Treatment: Reasonably heavy (historic) Creosote treated.
  • Durability: Class 2.  15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Dimensions: 2600 / 2800 / 3400mm x 250mm x 150mm (Variable dimensions may be present).
  • Minimum order: 12 x Sleepers
  • Weight: 80 / 86 / 104 kg each.
  • Colour: A consistent dark Umber brown with darker shades mixed through.
  • Rare 3.6m / 3.8m / 4m+ available by enquiry.

Get in touch with us to discuss these further, or view our gallery here.

Product Detail

  • Grade:  A-Grade &  B-Grade (Used)  – per availability. 
  • These sleepers are big and solid in appearance, makes for prominent displays of beautifully aged / weathered hardwood of any specification. Top and sides are square, these are used railway sleepers so imperfections from years of use will be present. Log wane & bolt holes may be present. Minor splits & cracks may be present. Rustic weathering provides a softly roughened like texture. Ex-rail rustic steel may be present.
  • See our gallery for great examples of this sleeper being used.
  • Treatment: Reasonably heavy (historic) Creosote treated.
  • Durability: Class 2.  15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Considered workable with the appropriate tools, care should be taken when cutting with visual inspections to clean potential rail contaminants (I.e. Grit & dirt). Can be installed to a high standard to feature permanently and to hold its original features long term. Solid enough for almost any use, together or individually.
  • Steps, entrances, quality retaining walls and prominent features where quality is wanted to be portrayed. Very popular for pergolas, outdoor entertainment areas, equestrian fences and jumps. Great to utilise various lengths for applicable purposes. Will maintain current weathered textures.

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