Sandblasted Rustic Hardwood Beams

These individual beams inspire thoughts of grandeur and prestige of an old fashioned style. One-off pieces & lengths as per availability and dimensions. Accompanied with rustic steel from original installations at times. Exposed grains that can be further finished for smooth surfaces or left bare to showcase weathering and original timber growth. Fantastic continuity in colour.

Weighted and sized appropriately to fix and concrete into. Typically, permanent features once in place, so suitable for high visibility and exposure.

No beams of these sizes are manufactured any more in commercial quantities and to obtain square rustic timbers is already very rare. Even obtaining consistently the same dimensions is extremely difficult. 

Grade: AA-Grade.

Treatment: Untreated.

Durability: Class 2.    15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.

  • Unique & custom pieces, never to be found elsewhere.
  • Immediately adds huge value and character as feature pieces or for enhanced settings anywhere.
  • Highly sought after for architectural and interior designs.
  • Dimensions: 1.9m – 8m lengths. W x H <200mm – 500mm.
  • Minimum order: Per availability.
  • Weight: 1 tonne / 1m³ approx.
  • Colour: Consistent Mid-rustic brown.

Talk to us early in your designs, allow the time and flexibility in using several different beams of differing dimensions . For example 300mm x 300mm width requests can be substituted for 340mm x 280mm widths, yet the big impressive style is still successfully achieved.

Product Detail

  • Grade: AA-Grade.
  • 1.9m – 8m lengths. W x H <200mm – 500mm. 
  • Magnificently stunning results from rare one-off salvaged bridge & wharf beams with sandblasted finishes. Unique and robust sizing that emanates strength and solidarity in any setting or positioning.
  • Textured and exposed grains with deep and rich colouring from historical Australian hardwoods blend marvellously into natural or man-made finished materials.
  • Recommended for interior use for an everlasting high end naturally rustic finish. Untreated and completely compatible with all materials and uses. Ideally ordered to the most applicable size per requirements to preserve as much of these historically rare pieces possible.
  • Commonly built and designed around. Mostly free from industrial contaminants from their previously life time make these plausible to cut.
  • Not ‘off the shelf’ supply. Architects and designers are best to contact Interlink Ltd first to see what beams & dimensions are available to work with.

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