Used Rustic Hardwood Sleepers

The original hardwood sleeper for New Zealand. Consisting of various Australian hardwood species, reclaimed from a lifetime on our domestic rail network and now ready for a repurposed, long and natural life in installations throughout the country. Providing a classic and enduring aesthetic with strength and integrity.

  • Iconic NZ Sleeper, increasingly rare and hard to source.
  • Various grades, lengths & aesthetics per availability.
  • Genuine ex-railway charm & an authentic railway sleeper.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability:  Class 1 & 2 (Historically).    15+ years in ground / 25+ years exposed.
  • Dimensions: 2100mm/2400mm/3600mm/4200mm x 200mm x 140mm (+/- 50mm).
  • Minimum order: 20 x Sleepers.
  • Weight: 2.1m – 70kg / 2.4m – 80kg / 3.6m – 120kg / 4.2m – 140kg.
  • Colour: Light Driftwood Grey to light brown.

These timbers will soon be rare and hard to find, and are already subject to availability nationwide. A New Australian or Used European hardwood may be an ideal substitute. Take a moment and look at the many ways these sleepers are used in our gallery.

Product Detail

  • Grade: A-Grade & B-Grade (Used). – Per availability
  • Top and sides are generally square but worn and rustic weathering. Splits and worn ends can be present. Bolt holes & stone chips can be present. Varying weathered aesthetic dependent on original location and use. Rich in local history and completely natural.
  • See our gallery for great examples of this classic sleeper being used.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability:  Class 1 & 2 (Historically).    15+ years in ground / 25+ years exposed.
  • Perfect for existing landscapes & designs or new builds that require a good quality rustic feel. Easily cut and modified for long term installations with power tools. Can be cleaned or sand blasted for a high-end finish. Chat to us today about availability an substitutes.

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