European Hardwood – Oversized lengths

Exclusive to Interlink & uniquely oversized. Preferred where prominence & large spaces are utilised with natural materials. Mixed European species provide untreated, large hardwood lengths suitable for interiors and achieving a hypoallergenic environment.

  • Untreated & naturally durable – Pets, vegetable gardens and interior features.
  • Great proportionate size in large scale designs for highly visual installations.
  • High quality rustic aesthetic & ex-rail feel with timeless weathering.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability: Class 2.    15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Dimensions: 2500 – 4500 x 300mm x 125mm  (Variable dimensions may be present) – Mixed length bundles.
  • Minimum order: As per mixed bundle sizes.
  • Weight: 77kg per 2.5m – 138Kg per 4.4m.
  • Colour: Light Grey Brown to Rich mid-brown.

See these unique sleepers installed in our gallery here.

Product Detail

  • Grade: A-Grade & B-Grade (Used).
  •  High calibre in adaptability, aesthetic and quality. Three to four nice and straight, square sides. Minimal cracking or splitting at ends. Wood grain exposed, and stone indentations provide an even weathered texture. Wide & long with occasional bolt holes at ends.
  • See our gallery for inspiration with this sleeper being used.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability: Class 2.    15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Good consistency between exposed grain lengths and indented pieces. A heavy sleeper ideal for large visual displays. Workable with adequate power tools and labour. Mill-able and appropriate for indoor or outdoor use as these are naturally durable without treatment or protection.  Great value with oversized width (300mm) and versatility in length, ideal for varying lengths that provide continuity in appearance. Amazing results with sandblasting and other finishing work.

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