European 2.59M Hardwood Sleepers

Premium import quality – Ideal for high end installations where prominence and consistency is required. Strong, tough and aesthetically pleasant due to the tidiness of surfaces and shape. Genuine ex-rail charm that has a clean rustic appearance.

  • Untreated & naturally durable – perfect for indoors & living areas.
  • Rare & Unique for quality, size and durability; a high end – all-rounder.
  • Can be installed to a high standard with integrity and a quality rustic appearance.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability: Class 2.    15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Dimensions: 2590 – 2600 x 250mm x 125mm (+/- 10mm).
  • Minimum order: 12 x Sleepers.
  • Weight: 80kg each.
  • Colour: Dark tan to dark brown. Amazing results utilising these sleepers can be seen here.

Product Detail

  • Grade: A-Grade (Used).
  • Four nice and straight, square sides with smooth rustic weathering. Minimal – no cracking or splitting at ends. Stone dents / indentations are possible.
    Noticeably bigger and solid with unique height sizing (125mm). Even colouring with grained texture. Bolt holes are present. Great continuity in lengths and quality on large orders.
  • See our gallery for great examples of this sleeper being used.
  • Untreated.
  • Durability: Class 2.    15 – 25+ years in ground / 15 – 40+ years exposed.
  • Exceptionally reliable for larger installations or where many sleepers are placed together. Great transitional hardwood from indoors to outside or throughout large & varying settings. Perfectly weighted to hold itself in position unfixed or for enduring – high spec installations.  Clean for cutting & milling (visual inspection is always recommended).

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