vertical railway sleeper planter box

The humble Planterbox

Easily constructed, simply designed, the perfect default? – A planter box. Among the most common installations with railway sleepers in gardens and yards throughout New

hardwood steps on outdoor path

Quality over Quantity

Increasingly Kiwi consumers are becoming aware of the impact they have on the marketplace, environment and future generations still to come – and these choices

Sustainable building diagram

NZ & the NZGBC

Mum, Dad, SME & corporate intuitions, are all playing a part in our changing social, environmental and building development dynamic New Zealand is embracing. Green

view of rustic building with mountians behind

Green building in the deep South

The Green Building movement in New Zealand is beginning to take off. The public demand is increasing for sustainable and efficient buildings, especially in public

huge Kauri tree forest with 3 men

Trees That Count

As we approach the 3rd quarter of the year it is an opportune time to reflect on the humbling, or perhaps overly ambitious goals that

long retaining wall from railway sleepers

Reuse to reduce with rustic timbers

Prominent or understated? As we venture through the process of researching, learning and understanding what materials and aesthetics are best suited to a design space